Test Fixture - ATM Series


The ATM-series of fixtures offers a simple and cost efficient solution suitable for test of small series of  PCB’s.

Standard Solution
The fixture is manufactured to handle PCBs of various sizes up to 130 x 140mm and the maximum number of test probes is about 50.

Fixture Components
The fixture is composed by a needle plate, a cover plate and a cabinet with space for the test probe sockets and optionally test electronic and connectors. The customer can select a cabinet suitable for the actual test. The needle plate holds the test probes and PCB reference guides. The purpose of the cover plate is to press the PCB against the test probes when the cover is closed.

Test Extent
As the customer selects the position of the test probes selected signals and components may be tested in order to isolate errors to specific components or areas of the PCB.

How to Operate
When a PCB is tested a typical test sequence looks like this:

  • A PCB is placed in the fixture
  • The cover is closed to connect the test probes to the PCB
  • Test is performed
  • The cover is opened and the PCB is removed

The simple design and reasonable cost price means that it is attractive to use the fixture for prototypes and small number of PCB’s.

The design of the fixture provides great flexibility to test various different mechanical PCB designs. The fixture base plate may be mounted on cabinets of various sizes and forms so the actual need for test equipment may be stored in the cabinet.

Overall Superior Test Solution
Beyond the simple and fast operation the fixture has advantages as

  • Possibility for more extended test
  • The fixuter may be used for investigation of defective boards
  • No need for direct connection of cables and connectors
  • Simple and  good layout of test facility
  • No need for vacuum connections
  • The test fixture is easy to service and move
  • The test fixture has excellent ergonomics
  • Various cabinets suitable for built in of electronic test equipment