Docking Station











To avoid mounting cables when a cassette is exchanged the cable interface for the ATP2035 cassette can be substituted by a docking station. The docking station works like a large connector with up to 510 connections. Every connection can handle 3 amp. The heavy load from the connector pins is easy to operate because of the high mechanical exchange in the docking station.

In a typical test environment you can have all your test signals available in the docking station. When a cassette is configured for test of a PCB you just select the signals required for the actual test.

A standard cassette can be modified to interface the docking station by simply mounting an adapter on the back panel of the cassette. The connections from the adapter to the test probes or test equipment in the cassette must be prepared by the customer. The connector pins are either the solder cup or wire-wrap type.



Cables from test equipment must be connected to the top plate of the docking station. When the docking station is ordered Torolex can prepare the top plate with the number and type of holes needed.