Extention Cabinet

ATP2020 Fixture with Extension Cabinet

ATP2020 Fixture with Extension Cabinet


In cases where the available space in the cassette is exhausted more space may be achieved by an extension cabinet.

The extension cabinets are very flexible. To ease access to the interior the bottom and back panels may be dismounted. As the 1.5 mm aluminum back panel is flat it may easily be mounted in a milling or drilling machine to make holes for connectors.



When the fixture is mounted on the extension cabinet holes in the fixture, cassette and extension cabinet ensures that it is possible to access the test probes from the bottom  side. Even when a DUT (Device Under Test) is mounted in the fixture and power is connected. This facility is very much appreciated by engineers debugging a new test system or field engineers.



To make a tandem test system the extension cabinets may be joined by screws. Blind plates on the side of the cabinets may be removed to make space for interconnections.

Extension cabinets may also be screwed together side by side to make extra space for test equipment.